Importance of Adventure in Learning

Educating children through entertaining stuff has become a new concept. The term ‘edutainment’ was coined to express the collaboration of education and entertainment. Today so many schools and educational institutions are incorporating different methods of entertainment into the learning experience to improve the students’ skills and knowledge.

Such child-centric methodology also instills the idea of self-development and self-learning in children. Moreover, having fun in learning increases productivity and student engagement substantially. This is why the edutainment concept has gained immense attention in the domain of education.

The technology has endowed the education domain with several ways to improve the pedagogy, presenting it as a blend of fun and learning. Such fun-filled learning easily captivates children’s attention, making them remain better focused on learning.

Unison Kinderworld, being amongst the best prep school in Pinjore, has curated some of the key ways in which adventure in learning is beneficial –


Learning can never be a one-off event. It is, in fact, a process that requires constant dedication and repetition. Delivering education with fun and entertainment has been seen to positively motivate children.


If the learning process is boring and monotonous, the outcome can never be expected to be satisfactory. Unlike the traditional approach, today, entertainment is used productively to make education much more effective.

Informal Learning Experience

Unlike formal education conducted in a closed classroom atmosphere, adventurous learning is playful, fun, and experimental. Young children learn and develop quickly through such organized activities in an informal setting.

Active Engagement

Learning while staying entertained positively drives the boredom away, keeping the children more engaged, for a longer time. It makes it easier for today’s educators to unlock engagement through the use of technology. Active engagement from the part of students makes the entire learning experience fulfilling and productive.

It is clear that adventure-filled learning can positively impact the students’ productivity, effectiveness, and memory retention, while also promoting in them a sense of self-led learning with high levels of motivation.

Unison Kinderworld, positioned among the best preparatory schools in Pinjore believes in the holistic development of children and focuses on their equal immersion in academic and value-based education. The concept of edutainment based learning has helped pave the way to effectively provide the students with the super exciting and enriching learning experience, where the concepts are not only delivered in a fun-filled manner but are also designed in a way so that children can remember them for a longer period.