How to Prepare Your Child for a School Interview

As a parent, it is quite obvious that you are worried about how to prepare your child for a school admission interview. It is because almost all private schools are now taking an interview for selecting students and parents becomes more stressed as they think that this interview can be a new phase of their child’s life by opening the door for his/her bright future.

But don’t worry! Unison Kinderworld, the Best International School in Pinjore is here to guide you with some effective tips to prepare your child for the school interview.

Tips to Prepare Your Child for School Interview:

Though it is very difficult to teach your child, especially who are younger everything about how to make a positive impression in an interview, here are some tricks of interview preparations for your child that will help your child get admission to a school according to your preference.

  • Spend More Time on Prepare Your Child: It is important to devote time to your child’s education regularly by ignoring all the temptations. Yes, it is your perseverance that will pay off and your child will learn with time.
  • Confidence in expression: Most students hesitate to share their opinions in front of outsiders, creating a bad impression during an interview. So, make sure your child I confident enough to tackle any interview question with confidence.
  • Teach Necessary Gestures to Your Child: Only answering the question is not enough to get selected in an interview, rather selection mostly depends on how impressively a student is delivering the answers. So it is very important to teach your child how to make eye contact, shake hands and answer inquiries.
  • Research Thoroughly: One of the most common mistakes that the majority of parents do is that they do not extensively research the school where the child is going to be enrolled resulting in several misconceptions. So, it is important to gather detailed information along with some common interview questions to help your child prepare for the interview.
  • Build Skills: Another important way to prepare your child for an interview is to develop essential skills in your child. Most importantly communication and interaction skills. But it is not possible to teach these skills in a single day, so it is good to get started as early as possible.


As a parent, you have a significant role when it comes to preparing your child for a school interview. But if you follow the above-mentioned tips as suggested by Unison Kinderworld, one of the Top International Schools in Pinjore it will be easier for you to prepare your child for a school interview.