How To Improve Spelling Skills Of Your Child

If you are a parent worried about how your child will cope with the other kids in class, you will be delighted to know that there are ways to make your child learn how to spell the words correctly.

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Ways to sharpen the spelling skills of your child

  • Phonic Spelling Strategies: Phonics is one of the best ways to start learning spellings. If it is done correctly, phonics helps teach the child to listen to each sound in a particular word. Then it teaches how to denote each sound using a letter or a combination of letters.
  • Play Spell-O-Right with your child: As a parent, you must always engage your child in fun activities. Do not make spellings look intimidating, rather make it fun and games. Children tend to learn more from games than from serious discussions. You can start by writing some words and then ask your kid to spell them. Upon spelling the words correctly, your child gets a star. If they don’t spell correctly, they require to practice more.
  • Make Puzzles: You can also try creating puzzles using letters. Then your child must align the letters, make a word and then spell it out loud. This simple activity helps your child to understand how a word is formed. It also increases their thinking skills.
  • Five Word Rule: Ask your child to spell five words every day. The words must be new each day and should not repeat themselves. This will not only improve their spelling skills but also their vocabulary. If they succeed, reward them as it encourages them to practice more.

The Final Thought:

Not developing accurate spelling skills may happen to a child. However, there are ways to make them strong in their spelling and vocabulary. There is nothing that the child cannot achieve. Unison Kinderworld, the best playway school in Pinjore recommends every parent encourage their children in learning new skills.