Understanding “Healthy Smartphone Behavior”

The digital realm is much more unconventional than the real-time world in front of us. When it comes to parenting, we all must have been in scenarios, where our kids are too much indulged in phones and spending more time with it than they do with friends and family. The matter is that smartphones have created an illusionary world, in which kids are easily carried away.

That is why we, at Unison Kinderworld, positioned among the best preparatory schools in Pinjore, have brought forth for you a few effective ways you can help your children practice healthy smartphone behavior and use it wisely.

Create no-phone zones at home

We all acknowledge that children purposely or unknowingly internalize our applications. Therefore, you must become a role model for them and cut yourselves off from your phone, as and when needed.

Indulge in more family time

Children must learn to refrain from using a smartphone around family and friends as it is less courteous and can influence their social etiquette and communication skills.

Make them aware of the smartphone safety rules

Teaching children to exercise necessary smartphone safety rules is important. Children are mostly playful and misinformed about their social media presence, which thereby raises their exposure to online risks. It is thus best to keep track of the kind of content children are being exposed to.

Being the best prep school in Pinjore, believe that it is important for all the parents to know, practice, and educate their children on healthy smartphone behavior. It is vital to ensure that children grow up with the awareness of the harms that overuse of smartphones might bring. We also felt it is necessary to encourage parents to set appropriate rules and safety precautions so that children can productively use smartphones and other gadgets and be aware of its risks.