Tips to Help Your Child with Gross & Fine Motor Skills

The things that you do in your everyday life ranging from waking up, brushing your teeth, getting ready for school or the office, locking your door keys, and many others involve the use of gross and fine motor skills. Fine motor skill development simply means the movements of small muscles in your body like hands, wrists, fingers, feet, toes, etc. whereas gross motor skill development involves the movement of large muscles. It impacts everything you do like holding a spoon, cooking, writing, running, throwing, etc. Now you can easily understand how it is important for you to help your child develop fine and gross motor skills from the very childhood.

Unison Kinderworld, the Best International School in Pinjore is here to help you with some effective tips to help your child develop and improve their fine and gross motor skills:

How to Develop Fine & Gross Motor Skills in Your Child:

Here is an effective guide to help your child develop fine and gross motor skills:

Through Different Physical Activities

  • Keep the Activities Fun & Engaging: Help your child make their activities fun. Look whether your child is showing interest or not. Try again another day. If you see the same thing, you should try another activity.
  • Don’t Pressure Your Child: It is not a good thing to pressurize your child as it can embark a negative effect on your child’s mind. If your child is reluctant to do any task or activity, you should not include them as a fun part of your day.
  • Keep the Activities Short: You should not introduce your child to several activities in a single day. It is because introducing different activities in one day will make your child confused.

Through Different Fun Activities

  • Playing Dough: It is a great way to practice fine motor skills especially utilizing hands. To do this, you can give your child give a child-friendly knife to cut the dough into smaller pieces. Again, you can instruct your child to mix different colors of play dough to help them form new colors.
  • Scissors: Using scissors is an excellent way to help your child develop motor skills. Give them card stock or construct papers to cut for giving it a new shape or making a new collage. Make sure to start with child-friendly scissors.


Unison Kinderworld, being one of the leading International Schools in Pinjore encourages their students in some age-according activities to help them develop their gross and fine motor skills.