Tips to Get Students Ready For The School After Pandemic

For many parents whose children have been attending school online for more than a year, mass vaccinations may mean preparing for life with in-person instruction. Here are few tips by Preparatory School near Kalka that will help you with going back to school:

  • It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time.

The more you plan ahead as a family, the more you’ll be able to assuage any concerns your child may have and instead provide them with the tools they need to feel confident as they go forward. If you’re aware of the school’s safety procedures, go over them with your child so there are no surprises when he or she starts school. If you’re concerned about higher-risk family members, explain what that means for your child and the extra safeguards they’ll need to take in comparison to their peers.

  • Let us discuss our concerns.

Hold a family gathering where you may discuss your children’s concerns, anxieties, and excitement. What are they most excited about? What exactly are they not? Give them a secure place to organise their ideas, practise self-awareness, and communicate what’s on their minds so they don’t hold it all in. It’s possible that the anxieties you think they have been all in your head, and your child is simply happy to meet people in person and learn in that atmosphere again. Whatever it is, it will be a significant change that requires a specific space to discuss.

  • Continue to be versatile and flexible.

Re-entry into in-person schools will not be a flawless science, so expect difficulties and be prepared to roll with the punches, as with any shift. Perhaps an unfavourable occurrence at the school forces a reopening, or perhaps cases in your neighbourhood are on the rise, prompting alarm. Perhaps school procedures will continue to evolve.

Families should do their best to stay mentally flexible and adaptable, acknowledging that things will be in a state of flux for a while before settling down into something more consistent. Parents can connect with school to stay up to date on what’s going on, and discuss with a school official such as a counsellor on how to best support their child in light of the changing circumstances.

  • Be constant and present.

During times of transition, children require stability. Make an effort to be present, constant, and predictable. You could be the only portion of their life — and thoughts — that is experiencing this right now. Be present for them and, as much as possible, follow their lead.

One of the Prep Schools in Pinjore believes that returning to school will be difficult, but we hope that it will be the start of a process of community healing for children and families worldwide.

If your child’s emotions are out of the ordinary — perhaps snippier than usual or overreacting to seemingly minor stressors — the best thing you can do is respond with compassion, love, and calm rather than reacting yourself. You’ll be able to share a serene spirit with your children when they need it the most if you channel it. And they’re going to need it.