Fostering Value Based Education

With the ever-changing and progressive educational scenario across the world, there has been a majestic transformation in the approach towards school education.

At Unison Kinderworld, positioned among the best preparatory schools in Pinjore, we follow the latest approach of 3 “H’s” in education. Those 3 H’s now leads to Head, Heart & Hand.


Development of the “Head” is one of the primary goals of education. Development of head occurs in the true sense when students show signs of cognitive understanding, critical thinking, interpreting, and decision-making. In that way, the school concentrates on teaching the kids through readings, discussions, and real-life problem-solving.


A well-formed head is of no use when a beautifully nurtured heart does not complement it. It is a mandate now for modern education to focus as much on the development of the character and personality of students, as on building their careers. We are committed to raising individuals with golden heart, by enshrining in them the ethos, emotional intelligence, and values that are required to lead a fulfilling life. This is achieved by means of a value-based curriculum and a conducive environment to teach it.


In times of cut-throat competition and mounting unemployment, it is important for the students to have an edge over others. This is brought in by hands-on education, which has become an integral part of the approach followed at our School. We help the students have an experiential learning journey, where they get to do things rationally, perceive it all in real-time, and draw useful acumens into how everything works.

The name of Unison Kinderworld comes up every time one talks about the best prep school in Pinjore. This is not for no reason! Our only focus is the best development of your child, and that is the only reason that makes us stand out amongst Pinjore schools.