6 Healthy School Lunches For Kids

One of the most dreadful aspects of sending your kids to school is packing their lunches. You need to pack a lunch that is healthy while being appealing to your kid at the same time. That is a tough feat to accomplish. Moreover, dietary restrictions and tantrums of your children can make the situation even more complicated. However, there are some easy lunch ideas that you can consider for your children. At Unison Kinderworld, the Best Prep School in Pinjore, we encourage students to finish their lunch in the allotted time.

6 healthy school lunch ideas for children

There are different healthy school lunch ideas that you can use to keep your kids sated. Take a look at some of them listed below –

  • Pizza pancakes

Wondering how to connect pancakes with pizza? It might sound crazy but wait till you actually prepare it. These are absolutely delicious and entice the kids to finish the entire lunch. Use the tasty pancake batter in the pizza and then use different topping ingredients. These include olives, bell peppers, and pepperoni. You can also include a salad or tomato sauce dressing.

  • Chicken avocado roll-ups

With avocados, shredded chicken, bell peppers, red onion, shredded cheddar, and sour cream, you can create the chicken avocado roll-ups. Here, wrapping up the tortilla tightly is the key aspect. It is without a doubt a nutritious lunch and is exciting for the kids.

  • Sunflower butter and grape sandwich

The classic PB&J sandwich is nowadays discouraged in school. That is due to the nut allergies of several students. Instead, you can give a twist to this favorite sandwich. The sunflower butter and grape sandwich is an excellent healthier alternative. Moreover, you can also add apple slices or use pita to replace the jelly.

  • Cheese and turkey pinwheels

Pinwheels made of cheese, turkey, and lettuce are excellent lunch ideas for kids. Make them bite-sized to make it enjoyable for your kids. In addition, you can also place celery sticks (make sure they are crisp) along with blueberries. Moreover, these are easy to pack.

  • Chicken fruity meatballs

For the fruity chicken meatballs, you can use different vegetables and fruits such as carrot, onion, small pear, chicken, and paprika. You can also need to add some chicken mince to give a taste to the meatballs. These are highly nutritious and are easy to make. You can include a dipping sauce in the lunch meal.

  • Waffle and chicken sliders

The waffle and chicken slider is another yummy lunch that you can pack for your kid. You can use a honey cornbread batter for the waffles and then use it with the chicken for a sweet-spicy taste. Here, you can also use chicken strips brought from stores.

These are some exciting healthy school lunch ideas you can use to satisfy your kids’ hunger. Keep in mind that prepackaged lunches are not a good idea every day. We, at Unison Kinderworld, one of the leading Preparatory Schools in Pinjore, encourage parents to send healthy meals for students.